Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stop Exploitation of Human Tragedies

The bushfires were awful.  News coverage was back to back.  But there are limits.  And newsmedia, particularly television, has sensed an opportunity to gain an advantage (in advertising, ratings, etc) by exploiting the human horror stories which are emerging from the Fires.

It adds nothing to the common viewer to know the ins and outs of how people were effectively burnt alive, or how one life was saved by a miraculous twist of fate. 

And there is nothing more despicable that the so-called celebrities seeking free publicity and public goodwill by showing their faces at the scene by having some inane banter with the desperate and desolate victims.

There is very little analysis of the causes of the fire, the lack of prevention, the non-existent warning system, or the fanatical element within the Greens Lobby which contributed by omission to this tragedy.

I have flooded with calls from Spanish speaking media.  They were bewildered that something of this ugly magnitude could ocurr in a first world country like Australia.  It is interesting our own electronic media has queried how this has happened here instead of showing us the desperate faces of the traumatised survivors.  That is not journalist, but voyeurism.

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  1. It's sad that our media considers this common practice. What's more frustrating is that a large portion of our population don't pick up on it.
    The media should provide the facts (black and white) and constructive criticism to stir the hearts and minds of our society and therefore force our government to take adequate action.

    Instead, they turn any event into an episode of home and away.
    Personally i feel that we are an emotionally reactive population and the media exploit this for sales and ratings providing very little information.